Why Photo Booths?

Photography has been my passion and Profession for as long as I can remember. I never knew too much about Photo Booths until my daughter attended a wedding and they had one there. She came back home and was so excited to “share” her photos that she received; and that got me thinking. I started asking around to get a feel for what other’s thought and to my surprise either they had attended an event with one and LOVED it or thought it sounded like a lot of fun for a party. I decided what better to do than add my passion of photography to my love of fun…So here we are!

Our Booths
Once the decision was made I started my research. I went to every website I could find and attended any Bridal Function that was in town. I decided to get exactly what I wanted I would have to build it from scratch…So that is exactly what I did! I designed my own after 3 months of setting up mockup Booths I had my design, and sent it in to be fabricated. I added a monitor outside, a camera tilt to adjust for height at a push of a button. I designed the booth so it can be used as an open Photo Booth, closed in Booth ,and a booth with a popup canapé and enclosed with curtains or a pipe and drape setup. As a photographer I wanted the photos to be top of the line with an 18 megapixel camera studio strobe, High end photo Dye sub printer (no Ink) photos print in 10 to 12 seconds and do not run and will last 100 years. A lot of time and expense has gone into my Photo Booth so it can give you a fun experience to share with your guests. I look forward to working with you and your team on your next Party or Event